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Toxic Manicures?

Posted by Stephanie B.

I have never gotten a manicure; I have hated nailpolish since I was a child. Whenever I put it on, I felt like my nails were suffocating. Well, I was right.

Nail polish is very toxic and has ingredients that are cancer-causing. Why would you put formadelhyde on your fingernails?

I'm wondering if many of these little "nurturing" rituals we women do to ourselves are actually causing more harm than good...

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I actually love manicures and pedicures, not because of the nail polish (I'm not a fan, either--the non-carcinogenic stuff also tends to flake off really easily) but because of the whole process of exfoliating/buffing, cuticle-cleaning, etc. It feels luxurious and it also makes my hands and feet, which tend to be dry, a whole lot softer. There are some wonderful cuticle creams and glazes that make your nails look shiny and health without all that toxicity.
You don't have to put on polish to enjoy a manicure! I love how clean and soft my hands are after one. I think getting softened up and massaged is all good! No harm in being pretty.
Gina M is right. A mani and pedi can be extremely relaxing.  I've had clients almost fall asleep during a mani.  Also, a good nail tech can spot problems that you may not be aware of (i.e. infections, skin diseases, etc.)  She cannot diagnose, but will refer you to a physician.  Most people do not properly care for their feet (and they take so much abuse).  Even men love pedis.
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