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The SAN Antonio spurs send timberwolves three-game losing streak parker twenty points Duncan 12 + 9 + 7 + 5 + 3

Posted Jan 15 2013 8:07am
The SAN Antonio spurs (29-11 negative) at home win back feeling. Parker get twenty points, Duncan send out 12 points, nine rebounds and seven blocks, 5 assists and three steals the balance of performance, they rate team five players in double, the SAN Antonio spurs small hair force pulled away, they are home to a 106-88 victory over the Cheap Soldier 6 Minnesota timberwolves (16 - and negative). The SAN Antonio spurs to avoid losing streak, timberwolves encounter three-game losing streak. The SAN Antonio spurs parker get twenty points and six assists, Neil scored 15 points, Duncan had 12 points, nine rebounds and seven blocks, 5 assists and three steals, ginobili had 12 points and five assists, d.d., special get 10 points and four rebounds, Jackson scored nine points and seven rebounds, lai nade scored nine points and four rebounds, Blair had nine points and four rebounds. Timberwolves Barry and had 15 points and six assists, pelosi's family had 14 points and four rebounds, LiDeNuo had 13 points and six assists, corning ham had 11 points and five rebounds, steed mumma get 10 points and 3 rebounds, andrei kirilenko scored nine points and 11 rebounds, Williams had eight points and four rebounds. Timberwolves continue to use the corning ham replace low vacancy. After kick-off corning ham is active, one scored eight points rate team to 16 - and start. Ginobili and parker into three times the attack rate response team 13-1 counter high tide, the SAN Antonio spurs to twenty - and win three points. Rubio, who made two free throws, andrei kirilenko Cheap Lebron Soldier 6 dunk inroads, Tony Blair and manu ginobili layup respectively, the SAN Antonio spurs to 24-21 leading 3 points over the first quarter. Tony Blair after the start of the second quarter unstoppable, one scored 7 points, the SAN Antonio spurs opened the advantage to 9 points. Barry and only take 5 points, 4 points, their contribution to the Williams team hit rate of 11-5 counterattack wave, timberwolves chase to 35 -. Duncan tip-in inroads, parker breakthrough jumper, this for the spurs to open gap. Pelosi's family inside hair force one contribution of eight points, the timberwolves to tie the game to - 52, dior respond to three points, the SAN Antonio spurs to 55 - fifty five points at halftime lead into. The SAN Antonio spurs in the first half of the parker scored 14 points, ginobili had 12 points, Blair had nine points; Timberwolves pelosi's family had 12 points, LiDeNuo and corning ham each had eight points. Kirilenko even take 4 points to open the third quarter, timberwolves the gap to 1 points. Duncan play three points success, a Cheap Lebron 6 people who contribute to 5 points, lai nade also have 4 points, they rate team played 11-0 small high tide, the SAN Antonio spurs 66-54 lead. Kirilenko 3-pointer to lead the team even pull eight points, two teams gap is reduced to 4 points. Parker stand out basket steady situation, lai nade and Neil has hit a 3-pointer, the SAN Antonio spurs to keep LingXianQuan, the former three knock off a 78-71 lead. The last section after the start of the steed mumma tip-in inroads, Neil even two three points, one person alone take eight points, d.d.,'s tip-in score, the SAN Antonio spurs 90-75 lead 15 points. Barry and scored five points, there are two technical foul penalty, this is because gregg popovich dissatisfaction decisions even eat two technical fouls, he was the referee ejected. The SAN Antonio spurs unaffected, d.d., even, with four points, Jackson three points in the team, they are quick to 9-0 attack wave, final 5 minutes 25 seconds when the spurs to a 99-80 lead. Timberwolves suspended after even after 4 points, d.d., two free throws his opponent Penny Hardaway Shoes block. Steed mumma jumper, mills retaliation three points, the SAN Antonio spurs still has the advantage of eighteen points. The large gap make the game no suspense, both sides do sent substitute, and ultimately the SAN Antonio spurs 106-88 win. Thunder team seve lothar and Iraq without barca, rakem, and KeLiSen fills in the gap. Durant kasai quickly find feel, one person even get 5 points, three points in the zone, the thunder team, with ten - 3 start.
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