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Spa Massage: The Effective Weapon Against Mental and Physical Stresses

Posted Dec 04 2011 8:29pm

Massage is one of the ancient body treatment therapies in the world of body and skin care. It is an art of touch that has been used for years as a pain and stress healing method even in the ancient times. It was believed that massage has the power of healing injuries, reliving pain, reducing stresses and producing deep relaxation. Evidence shows that massage therapy, as a beauty regimen and healing treatment, was used in many ancient civilizations at Rome, Greece, India, Japan, China and Egypt. A Bible quotation (Esther, 2:12) states that massage with myrrh oil was been used as a beauty treatment by the wives of Xerxes.

If we look at some modern day’s spa treatments like- Facial, Pedicure, Manicure, Body Treatments etc. all these treatments consist of a massage part. In fact, massage is an important part of most of the spa treatments. Definitely massage has got some well established benefits over our body and skin. Some benefits of massage are described below.

1. Massage is a proven weapon to relieve the chronic tension. Tension that lasts over periods of time can harm your mental and physical condition. A few minutes of massage can be a good remedy to that.

2. Massage is a good treatment to relieve the pain. It has been observed that people, who are suffering from muscle pain due to extensive hard work can find massage an effective solution for them.

3. Massage helps the blood circulation of the body to flow in a decent and regular manner. It helps the blood to reach every tissue of the body part which simultaneously carries sufficient amount of oxygen to the cells of the skin.

4. Massage exfoliates our body skin and cleans up the clogging of the cell pores. Thus it improves the breathing of the skin.

5. Body massage is a perfect way to calm your nerve system and improve the balance and relaxation of the body.

6. Massage can be used as a supplementary treatment to feel better during fever, infections, inflammation, osteoporosis and other medical conditions.

7. The most effective application of massage is used to get rid of mental and physical stresses. It is also effective to lower the blood pressure and relaxation of body and mind.

In New York City you will find a lot of spa and massage center which offer various massage therapies. Dyanaa spa in Manhattan is a popular massage salon in NYC that brings you a wide range of spa massage and body treatments. Their expert technicians and excellent inside atmosphere will lead you to a dream world within few minutes of the massage and release all of your stresses and pain.
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