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Spa day

Posted by Tamar F.

When I recently had a little “windfall”, I decided that part of it would go to a spa day at the Elizabeth Arden salon down the hill from my house. (Y’hear that, corporate America? If you’re gonna shell out for pain and suffering, I’m high maintenance.) I signed up for an olive oil scrub, a long signature massage, shea butter application, mani/pedi and for the hell of it, a hair cut. I had really needed the massage. My husband thinks oil on skin is icky and he also gets bored. I’d been through some big stress, plus I was going on a trip.

While my skin was very soft afterwards, the massage just didn’t do it for me. Maybe I need a deep tissue massage? Maybe I need to be beat up, Reiki-style? I should have felt so relaxed, with 90 minutes just on the massage alone. So, in case you sit at work fantasizing about a spa day, just know that it doesn’t cure all.

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After sitting at my computer writing all day, I know a massage would do me wonders. I would like to start a monthly massage with someone that is really good and works out all those kinks. My club has a masseuse and masseur. I just haven't made the effort to set an appointment. Any suggestions? How do I start a once a month massage?
Wellsphere has a ton of spa reviews--as a regular spa writer, I've written a lot myself. If you're looking for something inexpensive yet effective, consider traditional thai massage or getting a treatment from a local school of massage, where practitioners are talented yet the cost is demonstrably lower.
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