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Same Gender or Opposite Sex Masseuse?

Posted by Stephanie B.

Do you prefer a same gender or opposite sex massage therapist? I have a feeling that more women would opt for women, and more men would opt for women (except gay men). Of course, there's that sticky subject of happy endings and the fact that half of the massage therapists on Craigslist aren't really therapists at all. (Which is sad.) But let's forget that for a moment. When it comes to serious massage therapy, which gender do you prefer?
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I prefer a competent therapist who can address my needs. If that is a man, great; it that means a woman, also great. Gender is not a determining factor for me - skill and compassion are much more important.

I agree with Paul--gender isn't really a factor for me, either, because I always get massage from people who I know are qualified and who are typically healers. I've never had any qualms with the male massage therapists I've had--sometimes, I tend to prefer them because their touch tends to be a little more vigorous.
Hi,I would always prefer a lady,because I have not been married for a long time and part of the massage reason is touch from a lady ,even if it is not sexual,and just to relax.I also have a bit of a problem being naked in front of other men,just me ?
i would rather not let any stranger touch my body. is why i own a jacuzzi. hahaha but if had to choose. female. i have no respect for the looks of my body and would be embarrassed/ ashamed of myself. even though i'm married, and guys drool all over me.. lol makes no diff for me.

so female to female
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