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Remember to check that Serratus Posterior Superior – and Blog About It!

Posted Sep 18 2010 10:49am

As I wrote several months ago, the Serratus Posterior Superior can be implicated in a great deal of shoulder and arm pain cases.    But this isn’t about that – this is about the value of blogging about case studies.

That article was found by a woman in Europe, who had been diagnosed with trigger points in the SPS muscle, and she had been unable to find any relief from the constant pain.  She found my article and wrote to me about an appointment.  She coincidentally was going to be visiting San Francisco and wanted an appointment.  We booked a two-hour session and she showed up.

I did a careful assessment and found out some interesting things – sleeps almost exclusively on her right side, sat at her desk with one leg folded under the other while at work, reached fairly far away from her body for keyboard and mouse.   I found the primary trigger point in her serratus posterior superior muscle and deactivated it.  We finished the session with a half-hour of relaxation work, and she left very happy.

Anyway, I had the opportunity to work with this client because I blogged about another client case study.  That’s the real lesson here – write about your work, what it does and why it works.  Be specific in what you do – talk about benefits of the work, not the techniques and jargon.  Clients don’t know the difference between myofascial release and myofascial therapy, they think deep tissue massage means painful.  Stay away from those terms.  Instead, say things like “relieve your back pain,” “eliminate headaches,” “you don’t have to hurt,” and other things.

Write about what you do – people in pain will find you, and you’ll get clientele.

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