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Pain relief for experience with massage

Posted Jan 22 2010 10:57am

I am 60 years young, and had never had a full-body massage until a couple of years ago. I was reluctant, to say the least, to disrobe and lay under a sheet and have a stranger touching me. When I was 30 years younger, and dating, I didn't mind the above! Now, after two years of regular massage therapy, my beliefs have now changed 180 degrees.

Why did I try massage?

I was experiencing recurring episodes of pain in my lower back, neck, shoulders, and even arms. I was going to my doctor often for treatment of the pain. I was eating anti-inflammatory medication and pain pills like M&M's at times. I went to a specialist and had a cat scan of my spine. "Maturity-related degeneration" of the vertebra was the diagnosis. I was beginning to think, "This is old age-hurting all the time".  

I tried going to a chiropractor and did get some major relief. I did this on a regular basis for two years, but was never pain-free. After doing some reading and research, I decided to try therapeudic massage. 

By some stroke of providence, I met Nikki Harris, owner of Mountain Massage Day Spa, in Fairhope, Alabama at a local church bazaar, where she was helping her mom, who makes custom jewelry.   I talked at length with her, and she reassured me that massage therapy could very well be helpful in reducing the pian I was experiencing. So I made an initial appointment. That was two years ago.

Now, after two years of regular (every two weeks) massage therapy sessions, I am living an almost pain-free and I do not feel so old! I don't take any anti-inflammatory meds and no pain pills. I have also saved lots of money in doctor visits and medicines, not to mention the time spent getting a massage is much more enjoyable than in a doctor's office.

I offer my experience up, so that anyone, especially boomer babies,  who are in pain and reluctant to try massage therapy to give it a serious try.

This is my first blog post on Wellspere. I just joined today and am really impressed with the articles and also the community blog posts. I will be recommending it to my freinds and family!

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