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Meet Clients Where THEY Are At

Posted Jun 30 2011 8:38pm

I’m continuing to learn to meet people and clients where they are at.   If I under-estimate them or over-estimate them, there’s a re-action from my judgment.     If I really listen and pay close attention to what they want, I can provide it impeccably through communication and massage.  


Now, although we can build on re-actions, many times it’s a time-waster if the person is really ready to accept what we have to offer.   This takes trust; hence, proper evaluation and questioning as well as listening to their verbal language, non-verbal language, etc., etc.  


Have you ever had a really great conversation?   This is what I’m talking about.   Each has their own time to speak, exactly on queue when appropriate.   There’s an energy flow from the acceptance of one another.    


I often hear therapists say that clients don’t know what they want, that’s why they are coming to see them.   This may be true prior to our meeting.  Yet, if I ask the right questions and perform correct evaluations, then listen and pay attention to bodily responses, it’s all right there.  This is how I begin my professional relationship with prospective clients.  


What works for you??


Las Vegas Massage Therapist Kris Kelley

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