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May’s Essential Oil of the Month…Clary Sage!

Posted May 01 2013 5:29pm

PAP_YBN-7-web Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea Source: flowering tops and leaves Overview:  The aroma of clary sage essential oil can be described as earthy and herbaceous.   Clary sage is an excellent essential oil for the nervous system, it truly does induce a calming effect and is useful during times of stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia. While  clary sage essential oil  is known to be calming to the nervous system, other systems of the body benefit too.   Clary sage essential oil is helpful to the female reproductive system in all stages.  It can be used to help reduce menstrual cramps, when combined with geranium essential oil  provides menopausal relief and it can also be used during childbirth (consult with your physician and an aromatherapist  before using any essential during pregnancy or childbirth).  

    Clary sage essential oil is also effective for those suffering from asthma; inhaling this essential oil can provide relief to spasms of the bronchial tubes and open up the lungs for better breathing.

It has also been said that clary sage essential oil helps to overcome creative blocks, diffuse while working on a paper, speech or anything else where you need your creativity to soar!
A word of caution, do not combine the use of clary sage essential oil with alcohol as  this essential oil can induce a narcotic effect. Don’t miss out on stocking up on clary sage essential oil this month!  And be sure to book your massage and try our blend of the month , “Clarity” featuring essential oils of clary sage , lavender , lemon and juniper berry .



clarysage Creativity Blend Use this blend when you have to work on a project, write a paper or anything else where you need to tap into your creative potential!

Clary sage essential oil - 3 drops

Black Pepper essential oil - 5 drops

Grapefruit essential oil - 4 drops

Add essential oils to a tea light diffuser or nebulizer and create away.

So You Can Sleep Blend

Clary sage essential oil - 3 drops

Neroli essential oil - 5 drops

Roman Chamomile essential oil - 3 drops

Add essential oils to an electric diffuser (nebulizer) to use at bed time and during sleep.  Sweet dreams!

Menstrual Cramp Relief Blend

Clary Sage essential oil - 5 drops

Rosemary essential oil - 4 drops

Roman Chamomile essential oil - 5 drops

Add the above essential oils to 1 ounce of grapeseed carrier oil and massage over abdomen 2-3 times a day as needed for pain relief.  

Come on in and shop our  studio  or  on-line ! For the month of May receive 10% off your  Clary Sage Pure Essential Oil  purchase! As always, check out our website at  for more information and recipes!

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