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Massage for Depression

Posted Feb 06 2008 3:29pm 3 Comments

We are in the midst of a season when depression can be at its highest. Even for those who don’t clinically suffer from it, I think we’ve all felt “the blues” from time to time. Clinical depression, from my understanding, is the blues times 10 with seemingly no relief in sight.

There are many helpful tools to help combat they symptoms of depression that don’t involve prescription drugs. I’ve posted on a few of them (click here for more). No matter what level of depression you suffer from it is wise to consider massage therapy as a first and consistent line of defense. Massage has been proven to help with the following (all can be symptoms of mild to severe forms of depression):

* Reduce anxiety.
* Create better sleep quality.
* Improve energy.
* Enhance focus and concentration.
* Increased blood circulation.
* Decrease overall fatigue.

Think of you felt at the end of you last relaxing massage. The act of touch itself can bee soothing and healing to anyone, let alone those suffering from depression. If feel depressed and haven’t been fortunate enough to experience professional massage, try it this week and see if it makes a difference in you mood. If you live in the Atlanta, GA area, book a session with me at 770.368.2661. Lastly, if depression is affecting your life, make sure you get some help if you need it because there are options and you don’t have to suffer.

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There's something about the power of human touch that I think is absolutely instrumental in helping someone out of depression. In general, I turn to exercise to help me when I'm blue but a massage can be so nurturing--in my experience, there's something almost maternal about all that attention that's being focused on your wellness, and that in and of itself is enough to uplift my spirits, generally.

Remember the study of Rhesus monkeys who will hug a sock filled with nails, just to get some touch? It's important! When I was in law school, it was a depressing experience. I was very poor, too... but every once in a while, I would save up money for a half-hour massage. It made me feel human again!

In response to Nirmala...I'm doing a pranic healing training (review for me) right now and the teacher was telling us in class that exercise actually improves the health of the aura...which is perhaps partially why it makes you feel better. Similarly, a massage therapist may help with depression by releasing negative energy from the body...and if they have a healing touch so much the better. Just make sure you work with a massage therapist who has positive energy or they could end up not helping much at all.
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