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Massage for Cellulite?

Posted by Stephanie B.

I mentioned elsewhere that I recently noticed my thighs dimple in a forward bend. (The TOPS of my thighs.) It's not that bad or noticeable, and while I can't help but be slightly vain, I am more concerned about what this means in regards to my health. I look at that little bit of cellulite and it tells me I'm not getting enough energy flowing through my legs. When I see that, I think that my "chi" is stagnant. I'm wondering if massage might be good for this - and not necessarily a professional masseuse but one of those leg massagers they sell for celllulite.
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I've gotten regular massage for the last two or so years and I haven't seen any change in the amount of cellulite I have. Yep, cottage cheese is one of my afflictions, for sure. I'm fairly active but from what I've read on the subject, this is more an issue of circulation, and it's also largely genetic (I'm 5'4" and 110 lbs and have always been pretty thin and fit, but I've had cellulite for as long as I can remember). I am interested in ways I can improve my circulation in an energetic sense--maybe you know some techniques, Stephanie--and how that could affect the amount of cellulite I have, which isn't much, but hey, even a little is enough. :)
Since I'm in the middle of a pranic healing training, I'll see if I can remember to ask him tomorrow about cellulite. Certainly, I'd guess that improving the health of the energetic system and aura should help. Meanwhile, I did buy this really cool little handheld massager from was super cheap and it's actually pretty decent. I'm keeping it by my desk to use frequently on my legs and shoulders for little mini-breaks. I suspect a lot of the reason I've got this stuck energy in my thighs is that I happen to sit on them much of the day.
I'm a runner, and a lot of runners get deep tissue messages to help repair their muscles. You'd think if it can help muscles it can help anything that isn't as deep as your muscles. My 2 cents anyways.
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