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Massage for Babies

Posted by Swati S.

If you have a little one or are expecting, think about doing a massage on the baby. This is a very old, time-tested concept followed in traditional cultures. I have given a massage to both my babies, and I believe it has been good for them. But because it involves someone very delicate, make sure you know exactly what you are doing before you start. I am writing down some tips, but do talk to others before you actually start. 1. First -- the benefits of massage. It helps in better blood circulation, with colic and helps the baby to sleep better. 2. You can use a good quality baby oil. My personal favorite has been olive oil. 3. Make sure the room where you massage the baby is comfortable. The temperature should be right for the baby- not too hot, and not too cold. 4. Take off your baby's clothes. 5. Start the massage from the feet and work your way up. Take a small quantity of oil and rub it on a small part of the baby. Gently massage that area in small circles, and move up. 6. Let your baby tell you how much pressure to apply. If it's too much, it will cry. So always let the baby guide you. 7. Don't massage your baby on an empty stomach because a hungry baby will never enjoy the massage. 8. You can probably start when your baby is 3 months old and continue till the baby is 2 years old. 9. Sign up for some classes so that you can practically see how it's done -- but do try it if you have the time -- because its one of the best bonds you can share with your baby.
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