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Massage do wonders for Newly Born babies

Posted by pooja227luthra


Soon, after the birth of a baby, most of the parents start searching for a midwife or a Dai to give bath and massage to the new born baby. It’s an age-old custom. There are many benefits of this massage if it is given by the mother.

Massage increases the bond between mother and the child.  

Massage is very important for the growth of the baby as it strengthens the muscles of the baby and improves the blood circulation of the body.

Baby’s sleep quality gets improved by the massage. 

It relaxes baby’s body and improves the immune system as it increases oxygen and nutrient flow to the cells. 

Massage is also helpful to calm down the baby when he is having colic Pin, teething discomforts and nose congestion.

Baby feels secure by the mother’s touch, love and affection when she massager his body.

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Probably its because the childs bones are really very lose and they require some firm support hence a massage makes their bones strong and the essentials of the oil make it easy for the baby to move about easily
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