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Massage after Marathon

Posted by kayse g.

congrats!! if you've managed to complete a marathon, your body most definitely deserves a massage! not only will you feel great, it will help those overworked tissues relax & recover that much faster...

since you've just pushed your body to its limits, it's very important that you receive the correct kind of massage, tailored just for you & the state your muscles are in. even if you are ordinarily a die-hard fan of Deep Tissue bodywork, often times it is a mistake to push into the muscles too deeply post-race.

(for those of you who can barely walk or straighten your legs: this means you!) running long distances causes small strains &/or tears in the muscle tissue, and the goal of post-race massage is to speed recovery, not break it down further.

if you are feeling pretty great, you will want a medium pressure massage that incorporates a lot of Swedish-type strokes and stretching to boost your circulation, bring fresh O2 to your muscle fibers, and push out that lactic acid. a warm bath, plenty of water, vitamin-rich foods with some protein incorporated, and sleep will all help you recover faster. i find soaking achey feet in epsom salt baths really helpful, too.

if you're pretty hobbled or feeling like you just got clobbered, take a lukewarm bath followed with icing the spots that are in pain. think "RICE" - rest, ice, chocolate and elevate. (ok, so "chocolate" is my own personal editing of that acronym... it's actually "compression")

if you do get a massage immediately after, make sure it is light, sweeping and gentle. once your body is able to walk a few miles comfortably again & any swelling has subsided, you'll be all set to go back to your Deep Tissue!

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After long training runs and after my first and only marathon run, I used to sit in an ice bath (literally ice bath-- with ice cubes and all). I would sit in the bath with my running shorts still on because it wasn't quite as shocking for sensitive parts. ;-) I would sit in the bath for about 15 minutes and it made a HUGE difference in how I felt and how quickly I recovered.
I had the chance to run in more marathons but I never got the chance to have a massage right after the marathon, it must be an awasome experience, when your body feels great and relaxed it feels healthy, that's what my Santa Monica chiropractor always says.

After the Miami Marathon I recommend Love Life Massage.  They have a 2 hour marathon recovery massage that combines just the right ammount of deep tissue and relaxation massage.  Your muscles will thank you and recover much faster afterwards.

(305) 975-2213

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