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March’s Essential Oil of the Month…Rosemary!

Posted Mar 01 2013 8:02am

PAP_YBN-26-hi-resBotanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Source: flowers and leaves


Rosemary is a popular aromatic herb.  It grows wildly in the Mediterranean region near the sea and the botanical name for rosemary ( Rosmarinus officinalis ) reflects this; the Latin ros, means dew and marinus, means sea.   Rosemary essential oil is energizing and stimulating which makes it perfect for this time of year as we transition from the slumber of winter to aliveness of spring.

Rosemary is a versatile essential oil ; use it for depression, fatigue, memory, headaches, chest congestion, flu, in household cleaning and in hair care.   Rosemary essential oil is an analgesic which makes it useful to use for muscular and arthritis relief.   Diffuse Rosemary essential oil while working or studying in order to get the mental boost this essential oil  provides.  Feel the energy Rosemary essential oil brings, use it first thing in the morning to get that “wake up” boost to get your day going or during that mid day slump when energy is waning.

Don’t miss out on your  massage  this month with our  Blend of the Month !  This month we bring you “ Love Your Life ” featuring  essential oils  of  RosemaryNeroliGrapefruit  and  Palmarosa .

Uses & Facts:


 Hair Care Tip:

1. Add a small amount of shampoo to your hand.

2. Add one drop of Rosemary essential oi l to the amount of shampoo in your hand.

3.  Massage into hair and scalp.

Repeat the above steps with your conditioner too.  Not only will this awaken your senses but your hair will feel soft and manageable too!

Concentration Booster Diffuser Blend

Use this blend when you need that extra boost to focus.  Use at work, while driving*, before a meeting, while studying for that exam and any other occasion where you need that extra boost to focus.

Add the following to a tealight or electric diffuser :

Rosemary essential oil - 4 drops

Peppermint essential oil - 1 drop

Grapefruit essential oil - 4 drops

Lavender essential oil - 3 drops

*When using a car diffuser cut the number of drops in this recipe by half.  Use no more than 6 drops total of essential oils in a car diffuser .

Counter Top Spring Cleaning Disinfecting Spray

Add the following to a 4 ounce spray bottle :

Rosemary essential oil - 12 drops


Lemon essential oil - 14 drops

Lemongrass essential oil - 5 drops

White Distilled Vinegar- 2 ounces

Distilled Water- 2 ounces

To use:

Shake before each use.

Spray on counter tops and wipe off with a clean sponge.

For an extra boost add one drop of the essential oils to your sponge before use.

Making your own disinfectant sprays is a great alternative to using commercial cleaning products that are filled with harsh chemicals.  Learn more by attending the Clean Your Home Naturally workshop .


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As always, check out our website at for more information and recipes!

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