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Making Your Own Lotions and Salves

Posted by Kenna M.

I just finished writing an article on how to make your own herbal salves. It's quite a simple process that only requires two ingredients. Infused oil and beeswax. The infused oil is your preference and the beeswax must be of excellent quality. Heating, mixing and cooling are the required steps. No brainer!

I am thinking about making this as Christmas presents along with learning how to make lotions and creams for presents as well.

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That is a seriously good idea. To make it look great, it could be put in pretty bottles with nice decorations. I know I am being carried away here, but it does sound like a fantastic gift!
I have done this, along with adding things like vanilla extract, to make lip glosses. You can add cocoa butter and shea butter, too. I remember getting containers at aromatherapy stores and craft stores. I think that people appreciate hand made gifts more. You have put your love into them! Plus, you are demonstrating that you care about their well being.
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