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Kitchen and nutrition reminders

Posted May 25 2009 10:00pm

The following are some helpful tips that you may have known before but forgotten and stopped practicing (like I had). That is until Shape Magazine published these gems to keep in mind, especially during your frequent grocery store visits.

Mistake #1: Produce overload
Sure, making one big grocery run at the start of the week seems like a no-fail way to get your five a day. But the vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables begin to diminish the moment they’re harvested, meaning the longer you store produce, the fewer nutrients it will contain. After about a week in the fridge, for example, spinach retains just half of its folate and around 60 percent of its lutein (an antioxidant associated with healthy eyes). Broccoli loses about 62 percent of its flavonoids (antioxidant compounds that help ward off cancer and heart disease) within 10 days.

Solution: Buy smaller batches at least twice a week. If you can’t shop every few days, go froze. These fruits and veggies are harvested at their peak and are flash-frozen immediately. Because the produce isn’t exposed to oxygen, the nutrients stay stable for a year, according to researchers at the University of California, Davis. Just be sure to avoid frozen products packed in sauces or syrups. These can mean extra calories from fat or sugar, and may be high in sodium as well.

Mistake #2: You’re stashing foods in see-through containers (more…)

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