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How to manage stress

Posted by Stress Busters Massage Claudia

Well  one of the main habits to manage stress is to eat right enough protein with veggies and some carbs no just carbs and no protein or little protein the protein is the fuel for our energy. Then to have enough sleep at least 7 hours but the ideal is 8 hrs. Then to try to take deep breaths every time one feels annoy, disturb , upset or just to clean our longs you'll feel a big dofference. Drink plenty  pure water, have a positive actitud, life is beautiful ,one is alive so one has to be thank full about it. Then some streches our body needs to be strech to avoid the build up of lactic acid in our joins, upper back , legs, arms every where..... if we feel with sore shoulders, back pain, sore muscles etc. besides the streching one  needs a relaxing massage, the massage is not a luxory is an investment in our health you want to become older by been healthy right? and be able to move correctly, well that's why one needs a massage a good massage will get rid of all the stress you are carring around at the same time you are making sure you'll be healty in the future by avoiding the built up the lactic acid.

Try it you will feel a huge diference    

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