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How massage theraphy can help you

Posted by Lisa G.

What does massage therapy do? * Relieves chronic tension and pain in muscles * Improves circulation * Increases flexibility in the joints * Reduces mental and physical fatigue * Helps to combat stress (partially by lowering cortisol (stress hormone) in the body, among other things) What do I do after the massage? * Your massage therapist will leave the room while you dress. Take some time to feel any differences you may sense in your newly relaxed body. * Get up slowly! Massage often lowers blood pressure, so do not sit up or stand up quickly--you may feel dizzy otherwise. * Drink a lot of water! Your massage therapist may have a glass of water for you after your massage to get you started. Especially for the 24-hour period after your massage, drink more water than normal.
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Following a traumatic car accident, in which I broke my pelvis and my collarbone, I suffered a lot of joint and muscular deficiencies. Months into my slow recovery, I sought out massage therapy, finding great insight into my injuries and great relief from pain and severe tension. My therapist helped me to better understand the many aspects of my injuries: long-term effects of trauma on the body, the importance of strengthening the muscular core, how to reduce further impact, and so on. Deep tissue massage can be particularly helpful in cases of severe muscular tension. Finding a practitioner who understands your injury(ies) is also key.
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