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Gum chewer!

Posted by C.L. R.

So, I have to send a shout out to all the massage therapists out there - don't chew gum! I know that a lot of you like to suck on gum or mints to ensure that your breath doesn't smell, but to some clientele (like myself) the sound of someone chewing that close to my ear is even more offensive than garlic breath!

I recently had an experience where I was met in the waiting room by a lady just going to town on her gum. I had to make a choice - tell her to spit it out and alienate her or deal with it throughout the massage that was meant to relax (not annoy) me. I made the choice to deal with it. But I tell ya what, massages are expensive. You should be doing everything in your power to make your clientele comfortable. And snappin and crackin just aint the way.

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The hit by a truck feelin is exactly that - sore muscles, a little achy, etc. etc. It was like I had the flu or something. What you said is key - it's reallllllly important to drink a lot of water to wash out all the stuff you've been storing. I think that's why people get sore when they haven't worked out for awhile and go back to it - your body's been storing a bunch of junk and once it's released, it hangs out until you wash it out.
I once had a massage with a masseuse who kept on dropping names of the famous people who are supposedly her clients. In the end, I didn't feel relaxed at all! It's like I didn't have a massage. I even said something to her to that effect and she said, "That's how you know it's a good massage."
Tell me about the "hit by a truck" feeling, CLR! I'm experiencing that today, actually. I got a massage yesterday and now I feel like I worked out for hours or something. I'm all achey. I think that's 'cause I drank lots of caffeine yesterday and not enough water. They don't lie about the fact that you can feel kind of icky after all that lymphatic drainage.
It's never happened to me thank goodness. My biggest pet peeve is a therapist who want's to play twenty questions while I'm having my massage. I hate it when somebody rattles on non stop. I can get that at home with the kids.
Chewing gum - well, that's something I have never experienced with a masseuse. I would think that spas would have rules for their employees for that sort of thing. They would want to have a certain "atmosphere" maintained. But perhaps it depends on the type of place you go to.

Haha - no one likes onion/garlic breath either but I've found that eating garlic has actually helped keep me healthier this year than any year before. I wonder why/how it works - I think I'm going to research that and share my findings with everyone.

One additional remark about massages - isn't it weird the way that sometimes, you just feel like you got hit by a truck after getting a massage? It's important to keep exercising so all that junk gets out of your body and your muscle tissues, because you certainly don't want to leave the massage parlor feeling worse than when you walked in! When that happens, the trick is water and lots of it ... but not chewing gum. tee hee

Ha ha--your post made me laugh. I haven't experienced this before but I have experienced onion/garlic breath with massage therapists. Eww! But I agree--hearing someone snap their gum is akin to fingernails on a chalkboard, for me. I think, however, that you should have told her the gum-chewing was distracting (in a polite way, of course)--after all, it's your massage! Comfort sometimes goes beyond a warm massage bed.
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