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Even adults get acne...

Posted by Nirmala N.

If you're an adult who's suffered from acne way past the awkward teen phase, take a look at some of the ingredients in your skincare products. Here are some ingredients you definitely want to stock up on:

1) Salicylic acid, which unclogs pores and smooths skin by sloughing off dead cells.

2) Retinoids like retinol, a vitamin A derivative that improves acne, fine lines, and sun spots by normalizing cellular turnover.

3) Humectants that attract moisture and anti-inflammatories, like green tea and allantoin, to quell inflammation.

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I suffer from adult acne, and I've tried quite a bit to get it to clear up. And guess what I found? I'm allergic to both benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, two of the most common ingredients in so many treatments out there. I've had to try so many things that don't have those ingredients, but I haven't had a ton of luck.
Oh, that's really unfortunate! Kristen, I myself tend to stay away from salicylic and benzoyl peroxide because they dry my skin out after a while. In attempting to look for natural alternatives, I have found that witch hazel seems to be really effective. I actually really like tea tree oil as a spot treatment, too.

I would recommend that everyone look up coconut oil and shea butter as effective acne treatments. Many people go for drying chemicals and oil free lotions in an effort to cut down on oil and breakouts, but this can have the reverse effect, causing your skin to produce more oil to compensate and breakout. My skin has totally changed since I began using oil on it. Make sure it's virgin, organic, unrefine coconut oil and unrefined shea. It's going to feel oily at first so try putting it on at night and don't really does absorb quickly enough and as a double bonus, it will help heal up existing scars and irritations. It is non pore clogging, antibacterial and antibacterial...all in all, anti acne. For more sensitive individuals, or if the oil feel really bugs you, try using just the coconut at first, and you literally need just a dab for the whole face. try it!

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