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Country fresh massage lotions

Posted by Tamar F.

When I go on road trips, I keep an eye out for locally made and home made massage creams and lotions. In rural places, the ladies making lotions to sell usually have kitchen cupboard ingredients -- so much healthier for you! I have been told that ideally, you should only use products on yourself that are safe enough to eat.

Sometimes, you will find them at local fairs or health food stores. But I just bought some beautiful all natural lotion at a gas station on the Virginia - Kentucky line! So, keep your eyes peeled.

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I have used soaps that are homemade, and I found them to be quite wholesome. Just the idea that you are using something so natural makes you feel good.
It's incredible to me that people spend sooooo much money on spa products when there are a ton of wonderful, homemade, inexpensive beauty remedies that have been passed down for generations. It reminds me of something an aesthetician once told me: "If you can't eat the ingredients, it probably doesn't belong on your skin!"
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