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Choosing a Massage therapist

Posted by Swati S.

Getting a massage is one of my favorite forms of relaxation. The light, airy feeling experienced after a good, long, full-body massage is absolutely divine. Getting a massage is relaxing, but finding the right massage therapist is a little more difficult. A good massage depends a lot on the person who is doing it, so it's important you have someone who is experienced and with whom you are comfortable. Here are a few points to keep in mind while searching for a massage therapist. 1. Opting for a masseuse (she) or a masseur (he) is completely your personal choice. When going for a full-body massage, some people feel more comfortable with a person from the same gender doing the massage. But like I said, it's an individual choice. 2. If you have never had a massage, or would like to try out a therapist first, you can opt for massages that are done in a seating position. These are not as elaborate as the ones done lying down, but they are also relaxing. And if you like the massage therapist, you can make an appointment for a full body massage later. 3. Now, this is important. I found out that there is a difference between a certified massage therapist and a licensed massage therapist. A licensed therapist just means that they have purchased a business license. But a certified therapist is one who either has cleared a state certification exam or has undergone extensive training.
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I never knew there was a difference in a massage therapist being licensed and certified. That is valuable information to have and may explain some of the less than satisfying massages I've had over the years. One thing I've found helpful is asking people you know who their massage therapist is. You can't beat first hand information.

Good tips and thanks for the good information!! By the way, have you heard of As it really simplifies finding affordable massage professionals. I used it to find them for my relaxation. Essentially, after I described what I needed on this site, I received several competitive bids from local massage professionals. I liked the fact that I didn’t have to call around and negotiate with each, and that they actually came to me.

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