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Beat colds through relaxation

Posted Feb 08 2008 3:58pm

As we are in the midst of winter you may find yourself more prone to colds and flus. Besides staying hydrated, filled with healthy fluids and avoiding direct exposure to those who are sick, you can help yourself by relaxing. Natural Health Magazine posted one expert’s creative advice for dealing with this cold and flu season. Read on:

Relax from head to toe.
The people who get sick in the winter are the ones who are stressed out. To stay healthy, make an effort to activate the relaxation response every single day. Try this exercise:
1. Sit or lie in a comfortable and quiet place with your body fully supported by a chair or the floor. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths: deep inhale, deep exhale.
2. Bring your attention to the top of your head. Focus on your scalp and your forehead, noticing whether there’s any tension there. Give it permission to just let go.
3. Progressively move your attention down through your body, from head to toe, assessing each of the muscles along the way and then mentally releasing any tension you find. Move from your head to your neck, shoulders, upper arms, lower arms, and fingers, your back all the way down your spinal column, around to your belly, your hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, calves, the arches of your feet, and your toes. The idea is to let go of the tension in your mind.
4. Take all the time you need. If there are places that still seem to be holding tension after you finish, return there. Give that place permission to let go. Only when you feel completely relaxed should you slowly bring your attention back to the present.
–Tracy Gaudet, M.D., director of the Duke Center for Integrative Medicine and author of Consciously Female

The above was just an excerpt of the article that explores several natural remedies and preventative measures for the cold and flu. Here’s the entire article.

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