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anyone using the DYNATRON STS MACHINE

  Are you usning the Dynatron STS machine?

anyone using the Dynatron STS machine for treatment?

Hello, I hope everyone is feeling a little better today than yesterday and/or comes on here to chat, not feel alone, and even trade...
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Apr 15 2009 by imicsome
Yes, I use the Dynatron STS machine. It's an absolutely life altering piece of equiptment. There is so much information to share about it. Yes, I actually went to Dr. Rhodes himself who actually invented the machine. I literally have a notebook filled with protocoals that he has developed. You shouldn't be feeling ANYTHING when you run the programs. If you do you need to turn down the intensity. When I started using the machine I could only tolerate an intensity of .5 anything else I felt. Now I am at intensity 2. It was my niece that went to Dr. Rhodes for RSD. It has been a miracle machine for her as well. Turn down the intensity on your machine. Remember, your NOT supposed to feel ANYTHING. Turning down the intensity doesn't change the frequency. I go back to see Dr. Rhodes for frequncy "tuneups".

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