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Mary G.

SUNNYVALE, California
I'm an active tennis fan and player. Working on staying fit and reducing weight to healthy level.
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Jun 19 2008 by Stuart S.

Lean Mary Green,

I'm back on the tennis court and slowly getting back in shape, again! 

Lets plan to meet next month for several hours of tennis and a light lunch.  We can continue to lose weight and have fun at the same time. 

 Thanks for your Grand Slam support! 

Toast to you,  Tennis Stu.

May 21 2008 by Stuart S.
Match-point Mary,  I just joined the Wellsphere tennis team!  My dream is to get back on the court weighing 15 lbs. less by July 1, 2008.  I'm eating a light breakfast, my dinner is now my lunch, and my former dinner is a light balanced meal that's consumed before 6:PM.  Thus, I no longer go to sleep with an over-filled belly.  Keep up your great work & support!   Stewie
May 16 2008 by Stuart S.
Merry Mary,  I'm very proud of you and the way that you took charge of your health by just saying NO!  My ankle / foot is getting better everyday.  We will have a tennis date in the near future.  I appreciate your grand support and the community unity of our Wellsphere family.  Toast to you,  Stu.

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