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Shaolin Temple Day - March 21 in San Francisco See the world-famous Shaolin Monks from China perform Shaolin Kung Fu on March 21 at Union Square ...
Feb 04 2009 11:42am
Tickets are on sale now for "Magnificent Shaolin," featuring the Shaolin Warrior... more
Feb 12 2009 10:42am
The mentality behind martial arts I've heard stories, and even seen a commercial recently, that give the impression that martial art ...
May 19 2008 7:15pm
I started training in karate when I was 16. At the time I was going off the rails... I... more
Apr 22 2010 1:19am
Introduction to Martial Arts Class! The Department of Physical Education at Stanford University offers a different section of the "Int ...
Dec 19 2007 2:38pm
Good MMA sites I like to go to for the latest news on MMA. They have a large member forum where th ...
Nov 26 2007 11:16pm
Here's a pretty good martial arts site that has some MMA content in addition to... more
Feb 17 2008 8:12pm
Choy Kwon Do I met a guy the other day that said that many martial arts are actually damaging for the body. Appar ...
Nov 01 2007 5:04pm
Newbie fun I just started Stanford jujitsu in June. It's been a great way to get/stay in shape. I feel totall ...
Oct 28 2007 4:47pm
My First Kickbox Class! It was definitely today, and it was definitely fun. I don't think I've had a full hour of exercise ...
Oct 20 2007 9:23am
I think it's so awesome when I see women getting into this sport. I've never done it,... more
Jul 27 2007 11:16am
Like no other sport Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, is extremely challenging and fun!!! It not only pushes your body to it' ...
Oct 19 2007 12:51pm
I find martial arts a great challenge for anyone. Combat aspect of the art awes me... more
Nov 22 2007 7:31am
Okinawan Kobudo Did you know that the San Francisco Bay Area is home to one of the world's foremost authorities on ...
Oct 19 2007 3:12pm
Training Aikido is a non-striking martial art based on harmonious conflict resolution.  It was developed in J ...
Oct 19 2007 11:40am