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The Art of Fighting Without Fighting by John V. Patient Expert Somebody recently asked me which are the best techniques to use in a "real street fight." Are grappling moves superior to striking methods? Should punches be favored over ki ... Read on »
The Shin as a Weapon by John V. Patient Expert Yesterday I received an email from a reader regarding my last post on the perils of hand conditioning . Here's part of it Been training in ----- for about a year. In my s ... Read on »
Iron Fist Training by John V. Patient Expert Let me state that this is not a tutorial on how to develop manos de piedra - "hands of stone" - which is the famous moniker of prizefighter Roberto Duran. My use of a pr ... Read on »
Realistic Kung-Fu Fight Scene by John V. Patient Expert Here's a short clip featuring a Xing Yi Quan man dishing out some abuse on multiple attackers. The dramatization utilizes moves from one of the style's forms or toalu. Xing ... Read on »
The Isshinryu Front-Kick: Varieties, Chambering and Distance by John V. Patient Expert The front-kick is the most basic kick taught in karate, tae kwon do, or just about any striking style in martial arts. To execute, the knee is pulled up to waist-level (cham ... Read on »
The Family Tree of Fighting by John V. Patient Expert (Click on image to expand) This is interesting. I've never heard of Muslim Kung-Fu, Glima, Indian Kickboxing, Gatka or Wheelchair Fencing until I stumbled upon th ... Read on »
Looks That Kill: The Alpha-Male Face by John V. Patient Expert A friend sent over the image above that made me think of somebody I used to train with. (The meme is titled Becoming A Black Belt: Expectation vs. Reality.) "Alan" was a ... Read on »
Blast From The Past by John V. Patient Expert Those guys could use a little more room. (I gotta get me some barbells like that!) Now go check out this fine article on Okinawa's history of karate and kobudo . ... Read on »
Make your home secure with professional locksmith services in New York by Sunil G. Facebook The feeling of having your own house is incomparable. And if you own a house in New York City, then you really are very lucky. It is the hub of industrial activity, and ther ... Read on »
A PFA Is A Piece of Paper by Michele A. Patient Expert Disclaimer:  This is a personal web log. The opinions expressed are my own. Please note that I am not dispensing advice. These are my personal experiences and refle ... Read on »