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What is the best way to learn self-defense at home?

Posted by Karen G.

I am wondering what is the best way to learn self-defense at home? Are there any good books, DVD's, websites, etc...? It doesn't have to be a martial art by the way.
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That is hard to do.. Learning Self defense from a book or a movie doesn't show you the exact techiniques you'll need to be more effective in your techniques.?and you can't ask the books or movies about any questions you may have.'so I'd say you may be out of luck there. The books and movies are good for reference only, and used for furthering techniques or learning another way to apply a technique that has already been studied.?the best way I could say to learn self defense is to take a self defense class, or study a Martial Art, sorry there's really not any other way to truthfully say it, and learn self defense in a proper manner.
Try local schools, etc.. I agree with the other answer, it is pretty hard to learn self-defense from a video or book. If you're not into practicing martial arts in a studio (although if you really want a great workout, that's an awesome way to do it), check into programs at your local schools, universities, police department, recreation department, etc. Many places offer short self defense courses for free or for a small fee. It's totally worth it, if it helps keep you safe.
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