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Wednesday Class

Posted Jun 18 2009 12:11am
Well, we're getting down to the wire. Friday is the last class in this location. Saturday, we'll get the mats moved and then Sunday is the first day of class in the new location.

In class yesterday, we worked on a few variations of the guillotine choke. First, we worked two standing guillotine chokes, and then how to finish the guillotine choke when you have one arm in.

The standing guillotine technique was started from a clinch. I want one arm free, and am controlling my opponent's head with my hand wrapped around and a little on top so that I can pull his head down. I also want to keep my elbow in, to help prevent my opponent from shooting in. As I pull forward, I jump up and try and put my chest on my opponent's back, to keep him from posturing up, locking my hands into a slightly modified guillotine grip. Instead of the blade of my forearm being deep in my opponent's neck, I'm trying to get my wrist more on his throat, with a good gable grip keeping it tight and secure. Then I pull my elbows in and straighten up and back for the tap.

The second variation was to do this same technique, but move my opponent's head more into my center, on my sternum. Typically, the guillotine looks more like a reverse headlock, where my opponent's head is off to the side a little. Bringing it to the middle puts a lot more pressure on his neck, and is as much of a neck crank as it is a choke. As a result, it's illegal in competition, but not MMA or, of course, self defense.

The last variation was a finish from closed guard. The standard guillotine is head only, where neither of my opponent's arms are in the way. To finish from this position, I bring my elbows in and extend my body. Sometimes, however, I can't get around one of his arms. If I've pulled guard with a good guillotine position, but my opponent gets his right arm in, I can't finish the technique in the same way because there's just too much room. To finish from this position, I'm going to again use more of my wrist than my forearm, and instead of extending back I'm going to bring my elbows in tight and bring his head away from his trapped arm. So, if I have his right arm trapped, I'll bring his head to my right. This make the choke very tight.

Sparring was okay. I keep pulling guard trying to get into half-guard so I can work on a couple of sweeps from that position. I'm having no luck with it, and end up working from half-guard or getting out of mount. I'll figure it out at some point.
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