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Tai Chi for chronic pain

Posted by Swati S.

Tai Chi is known for the gentleness with which it works on the body. That is probably why it is considered an excellent aid to overcome chronic pain. And because it is so gentle, it can be done even by those whose physical condition does not permit them to do strenuous exercises.

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Yes, this is very true. I have been practicing it for about 7 years. It has helped me alot being a cancer survivor of over 23 years. It is very easy to do and even when your  body aches you can still exercise. I try to do all my exercises standing because it the most beneficial for your body, You can even do exercises when you are laying or sitting for those who cannot stand. I would recommend Tai Chi for anyone, young, old, healthy, or sick it can benefit anyone.
I also like QiGong (similar to Tai Chi).  It is very powerful, yet gentle.  I have practiced QiGong off and on for many years.  I recently have been adding that back into my routine and I love it!
Yes Kirsten, it is very similiar to Tai Chi, that is what I meant when I said "exercises". I meant QiGong or ChiGong exercises. The QiGong exercises are what helps build up Chi so that when you do Tai Chi. They are very beneficial together, they help with blood, energy circulation, digestion, and chronic pain. 

I got an at home video for the Tai Chi/Chi Gong, by David Carrodene.  It seems a bit dated.  I was doing a walking video by Leslie Sansone.  It's awesome... I want to get back to doing that one, but I injured my foot and it has taken 3 weeks for it to feel better.  Doctor even did an x-ray and if it wasn't feel better by Friday, he wanted to do a bone scan.

I need to start exercising, but I am so afraid of injuries again.  I don't want to have to go to the doctor after every time I exercise.   I had a baby 4 months ago and I have a 2 year old.  I am one tired puppy, but I want to start getting on a weight loss plan.  With the medications I am on, some cause weight gain.  

I was wondering if you knew of a good Tai Chi video to use? 

Really, would like to see some , To give it a shot, I'm in pain 24/7, pain meds. don't work like should, guess my bodies gotten use to it again, need to make appt. with doc. anyway, He doesn't want to give me anything too strong,narcotic, I have 2 half yr old, and sensitive tummy, poor baby, Thank you Worthless:(
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