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Sunday's class: Review Day

Posted Jun 18 2009 12:11am
Really good Sunday class. As usual, we reviewed the techniques that we learned throughout the week. This week we focused on escaping from back control, so we paired up and drilled for about 20 minutes. Then we did the drill where the goal was to just get into some other less delicate position, whether it's into their guard, half guard or ideally to north/south or side control. The hardest part of this for me is getting my hips up and sliding out of the hooks. That said, I found that if I'm high enough, the bottom guy doesn't have enough leverage to choke me, and he had to abandon his overhook completely to keep me from escaping.

Oh, we did another drill that was a lot of fun. Two minutes to just lock in as many submissions as you can against an unresisting opponent. The idea wasn't whether you could execute them against resistance. The goal was simply how many you've learned and could remember under a time constraint, and I think to give some idea of how much we've picked up. Of course the blue belts and up were able to transition to well over 20. I was happy with how I did. I came up with RNC, Guillotine, two armbars from mount, armbar from guard, americana from mount, kimura from guard, triangle from guard, ezekial choke, and a collar choke. Then we did a back and forth for five minutes, where each person would trade off. These were fun drills and very helpful. I say from time to time that I only know one submission, but that's really not true. Now, if I ever say that, I'll have to qualify it by saying, "I only know one submission that I can reliably execute against someone who's resisting." Still, one's better than none, and I've got several other techniques to work on. I do feel like I'm improving, so that's good.

Sparring was really fun, even though I was really nauseaus at the end. I started with a blue belt. As always, I worked on passing guard. I found myself on the bottom and I think I did a little better with staying up on my side. I tried not to panic, with only some amount of success. In my second pairing, the highlight was a point where he went for an armbar from guard. As soon as he swung his leg over, I stacked him up and went for the escape we worked on last week. It worked really well. I got my free arm deep on his collar and tried to make him very unhappy about that. I ended up pulling my arm out and moving to side control. The only thing I can't remember is whether my legs were where they should have been. I think that were I paired with a blue belt, or a more experienced white even, I would have been swept, but I'm not sure. I'm not overly worried about it… it's just one of those things where in thinking about it after the fact, I realized I had no idea where my legs were.

I ordered a new uniform a week or so ago, so I should get that pretty soon… hopefully by Wednesday. The HCK single was sold out in blue until February and, being a good American, I can't stand to wait for anything. So, I upgraded to the competition single for a few bucks more. I'm not sure how it's going to compare to the standard single, but it's a heavier weave top. I also found a good deal on Ebay for a Gameness platinum weave gi. If I win that auction, I'll have two blue kimonos. While I might be among the least effective practioners in the club, I'll be among the best dressed! Barring insurmountable injury, which I'm not anticipating, I should be good to go for many years to come.
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