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Sunday Competition class

Posted Jun 18 2009 12:11am
Sunday I went to the competition class. Fun, but I'm SO sore today. My thighs are so tight I can hardly walk down the stairs. I went to the gym today and did some abs... about the only part of my body not really sore.

Competition class starts with "a harder workout". Yeah. And then finishes up with 1/2 hour of sparring. I got to work from standing, which was good. I didn't completely stink, but it's pretty bad. I got some good tips, though. I was pretty much done at the end of that class.

But then the regular class started. We worked on the omoplata from earlier, as well as a sweep and a transition to armbar. Between the warmups for this class and the 1/2 hour drilling the omoplata I felt much better by the time we started sparring. I feel like I did pretty well... got a tap on an Americana in my first match. My second match was with Chris who's strong, big, smart and much more technical than me. I pulled guard at first, and it was about 1 minute before I tapped. But the plus side is that he pulled guard, I passed and was able to stay in control the entire rest of the round. I tried to get the Americana, but it wasn't going to work. Still, I felt pretty good about staying out of his half guard, or passing to side control when he'd get it back. I stayed busy, worked to north/south, and generally just tried to stay in control and not give up the dominant position.

The highlight of the day, though, was during open mat. Josh was looking for someone to roll with, and so I offered to go. I pulled guard, then swept him with a basic scissor sweep. He got me into his half guard, but I had an underhook on his far side. I just kept lots of shoulder pressure until he tried to get that arm inside. As soon as he did I locked down an Americana for a tap. What was so great about this is that on 360 days in the year, I'd never tap Josh. But yesterday, I did it twice. We shook hands, started back up. I pulled guard again, tried the same sweep, and while it didn't work the first time, it did the second (I've been working very hard on what JJ Machado calls the "simple sweep"). Once again, he got me caught in his half guard, but left his arm out. So, after that, he was clearly ready to keep going, but I just couldn't do it. I couldn't think of a better way to end the day.
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