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Sunday Competition Class and BJJ 1/27/2008

Posted Jun 18 2009 12:11am
Competition class was different today. We didn't spar, as such. Instead, we drilled several techniques and then worked stations.

The one technique that really intrigues me is a stand-up technique to an armbar. I've never trained in Judo, but as far as I can tell, this starts from a typical Judo grip. I have a grip on his right collar with my left hand and behind his left elbow with my right. There's a lot of control from this grip. I'm going to armbar the arm I have control of, so I'll bring my left foot up and post it on his hip. Then I'm going to hop toward that foot a few times and then fall to that side, pushing on the hip. The momentum of the fall is going to allow me to swing my leg over for an armbar.

It's actually not as difficult as I think it sounds.

Instead of sparring, we had stations where you had 1 minute to escape two times. If you escaped one time, you did 5 burpees. If you didn't manage to escape at all, you did 10 burpees. Rick, all 270 lbs of him, was station 1. He was side control. Station 2 was Jeremy in mount. Station 3 was Bing from guard (we were trying to pass guard). Station 4 was take downs and the last station was Josh and back control. So, in between each round, you paid up however many burpees you owed and then moved to your next station.

The BJJ class was more work on transitioning to Knee on Belly or Mount. We worked on what I believe I've seen referred to as an Ole pass, where you control the knees and then swing them to the side as you step around into Knee on Belly. The pass to mount was a leapfrog pass from the same grips.

In sparring, I was picked to be out in the middle, which is cool because I got a lot more time to roll since I was out on the mats for the entire 30 minutes. Afterward, several people told me I was really putting out, which felt good... although I think they were more surprised that I didn't collapse from rolling for 30 minutes straight. :)

All in all, a great day.
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