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Sunday Class 12/09/2007

Posted Jun 18 2009 12:11am
Sunday's class was, as usual, a review of the technique we've been working on through the week. This week, we reviewed the butterfly guard sweep.

Sparring was brutal for me. I felt really good and tried to work hard, but boy did I get my butt kicked. Rolling with Bing, I managed to stay busy and while I never got around his guard to establish any sort of control, I also managed to avoid being swept or submitted. I can't say the same for my match with Josh. I did manage to pass his guard, but I also got swept twice. Once was a nice sweep that I saw coming and still couldn't manage to avoid. He rolled into a kimura, which I defended well. Of course, he ended up taking my unprotected neck for a choke. I also rolled with Coach and with Bill. All in all, a good class.

Most importantly, I'm feeling really good. I think that next Sunday I'm going to start going to the competition classes and then see where I'm at physically. While this is a very hard season to lose weight in, I'm still going to try and compete in February if I can.
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