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Submission Grappling League

Posted May 02 2009 10:00pm

Had a great day today. I went out and helped referee at the Sub League today. It was great.

The Sub League is a series of tournaments organized by a couple of guys from Impact Jiu-Jitsu in Beaverton, OR. The idea is simple: no points. If you're looking for mat time, it's great. If there are 5 guys in your division other than you, you get 5 matches. Everyone fights everyone else... and there are no points for position. Each match ends via submission or it's a draw at the end of the four minute time frame. You get three points for a win by submission, 1 point each for a draw, or 0 points for a loss. At the end of all of the matches, the winner of the division is determined by his or her per match average. Pretty good idea, and it made for quick, aggressive grappling where everyone worked to finish.

I've been interested in reffing for a while, and this was a great way to get started. I started by refereeing a division of the kids, and then moved on to men's beginners and men's intermediates. It was fun, and pretty straightforward. Because I didn't have to worry about points, I could focus on ring safety and illegal techniques.

All in all, I goofed once by not being decisive enough in repositioning the guys to the middle. One guy was in a tight triangle and I was reluctant to stop the action. I should have, but it worked out. I also had one DQ, a guy in the beginners bracket wasn't clear on the rules and went for a toe hold. For the beginners, straight ankle locks were legal, but knee bars and anything else were illegal. On the other hand, two guys thought wrist locks were illegal, but they weren't. The lesson learned there was to go over the rules with the competitors before getting started with a new bracket, not presuming that they read the rules. Seemed to help with the intermediate group.

Foster guys did well, overall. Not sure where everyone placed, but I was impressed. Jay (aka Coffee Black... although I'm not sure Bing's gonna make that nickname stick), did really well. Some guys get on the mats and everything else disappears. Some guys, though, focus and hear their coach really well. Jay is one of those guys. I'd just seen one of the women get put to sleep by passing to the wrong side in a guillotine. In fact, I was talking to a guy while that happened saying she was in trouble. Jay got caught in the same situation in the Novice bracket. He was in a deep guillotine and while he wasn't in his opponent's guard, he was on the wrong side. He stayed there for a while, trying to figure out what to do and then he heard coach say, "Jump to the other side." He did and ended up catching the guy with a head/arm choke from side mount.

In other news, my wife deserves an award for today. She was here for 4 hours while the Comcast guy troubleshot our internet. Our internet hasn't worked for about a week now. I'm still not sure what was wrong, but something was haywire. It's not completely up and running yet. I've got the router working now, and the wireless works too... for now. I'm going to finish this post, update the TiVo schedules and then try and set the security settings for the wireless network. I'm afraid if I change anything, I'll lose everything... but can't leave the network unsecured.
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