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Staph Infection

Posted May 09 2010 9:22am

I posted this on Facebook already, so for my Facebook buddies, this is a repeat.

I got bit by a bug or something on my left elbow… noticed it on Monday. By Wednesday, it was clearly becoming a problem, so I went to the doctor and was prescribed an antibiotic. She didn’t seem overly concerned, so even though it hurt like hell, I wasn’t concerned either. I kept it well covered and pressed on.

By Friday, it was clear that it was abscessing and looking really bad. Doctor told me that it’s likely I picked up the infection from leaning on a counter. While I’m diligent about washing my hands, I have to admit that I pretty much only wash my elbows in the shower, so it’s a good bet that she’s right on target.

So, I did what a lot of guys would do. I sterilized a needle and lanced it, getting as much of the infection out as I could stand. It was really gross, but from past experience, I knew that if the infection was abscessed, the antibiotics don’t have a chance to work. What worried me is that, even after squeezing out a bunch of green/white nackiness, there wasn’t any blood.

My wife saw my handiwork and… let’s just say she wasn’t impressed.

So, off we go to the Urgent Care down the street. The doctor wasn’t impressed, either… but I’ll say this. She didn’t end up trying to get any more out. Parting instructions included, “Next time, if it starts to swell up again, don’t do this yourself. Come down here and let us do it.”

I heard, “Good job. You got all the crud out on your own but we can make sure that the tools are sterile.”

My wife heard, “Your husband is an idiot and he’s lucky he didn’t make it worse.”

I like my version better.

Anyway, official diagnosis is staff infection with cellulitis, but I caught it early enough that there’s no hole or any of that. She took a culture and I’ll know tomorrow hopefully whether it’s MRSA.

In the meantime, I’m actually on two antibiotics now, because she’s not sure which is the best until the culture comes back. The swelling and redness isn’t getting better, which is worrisome. But it’s not getting worse either, which I’m taking as a good sign that the antibiotics are doing their job, and the pain is loads better.

Either way, I’m out of class for at least two weeks.

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