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Seipai in the snow!

Posted Jan 21 2013 12:00am

I don't know about you but we've had a lot of snow this last few days (about 6 inches). It has bought the usual travel chaos and school closures but it has also created a beautiful winter wonderland!

My sensei texted me this morning to say that class tonight has been cancelled because the school where we train is shut. I texted back (half jokingly, half meaning it) that we should do training in the snow. He replied that he thought that was a cool idea and he was up for it. So I sent him a challenge that I would practice Seipai outside in my back garden if he would do something too. He texted back that he was going to do some kobudo practice outside.

Well you can't renege on a challenge with your sensei can you?

So I put my coat on and some boots and went into my back garden to practice Seipai. My son took these photos of me

Hope the neighbours weren't watching!
It's a lot harder doing kata in boots in several inches of snow and outdoor clothes make it difficult to be snappy with your moves. However, it was very invigorating and enjoyable out in the fresh air. I went through the kata about 6 times which got me pretty warmed up despite the 0 degrees temperature today! 
I think I should do this more often, it adds a new dimension to training. 
And just to show that my sensei kept his half of the bargain (though I expect he was planning to train outside all along anyway, he's pretty hardcore) here's the photo he sent me:

Okay, now I'm challenging you to train outside in the snow and post the evidence! 
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