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Posted by Teresa J.

I train at a gym called Purebred. I'm in the girls only class but we work just as hard as the fight training classes do. We go hard from 7-8:30 doing strength, cardio, and Muay Thai drills. Muay Thai kickboxing provides a full-body workout, so if you are looking to tone up, lose weight, and do your body good, this is the way to go. Muay Thai is a conditioning martial art; it focuses on everything from your head (confidence) to your calves (for strong kicks)! With kickboxing, yoga, walking, and the help of a dietician's advice, I've lost 70 pounds since having my son 18 months ago. I've revamped my lifestyle to get in shape and stay that way. I believe fad diets won't do it; getting healthy means adopting a healthy lifestyle.
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