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Never shone deep darkness walked

Posted Apr 11 2013 6:39am
Death, sadness and joy, all the emotions of life end points will unite in a huge 'students read the door', vows sentient beings is the power source of the guy that giant doors may sound incredible, but this huge world is also imprison its cage out of here without merit, you want to get the outside world, it must be swallowed. "" Oh, I understand, this guy and this world is symbiotic, only in this creatures dependent world, it is able to gain strength, no wonder that before 'students read the door' expansion, this guy wants to swallow your illusion. "Serena" dawned suddenly understand which strange relationship. regardless the Shura devil in the door of the concept of death, or the big guy in the door "in the" raw idea, are relying on this civilization was born of a huge monster symbiosis with the world, to leave this world, they are useless. for no other reason, but because the rules have changed outside world, their strength is difficult to play the extreme, here is their home. Mindful of this has always been fearless, "Serena" some concern. "So, maybe we will not its opponent, here, after all, is the main battlefield, our strength may be greatly weakened, a positive and negative, I was not afraid, but you then ............ "Serena" is now some regret their own reckless guy annoyed fan giant doors to sunglass killing the scourge. ", as they come, the security of, not to mention I also long to think it would be the 'door' students read a big guy. "sunglass but patted the shoulder of the Serena stepped to the clouds, shot crash into a eccentric giant doors. "Serena" stunned, but soon subcostal four-wing open, like a touch of light and shadow-like follow away above the clouds, is infinite light and shadow, turned these cloud maneuvers Manjuan, as lofty Asaka Asaka being like stars flashing ten "students read the door step foot on the cloud when the door came within the a burst old deep voice, like The Sound of the Drum, resounded people's minds. "Well, kid, you finally come, thousands of years ago, you practice in my world, get my students to read the gas, the benefits are not shallow, how? you got my exercises, and even a thanks do not know to say it? "sound erratic and unpredictable, as if from heaven Quartet." benefits? "sunglass indifferent smile:" I remember you 'born the concept of the gas' I have never used the number of times this implication of movement in the air of the concept of God is too deep, I'm afraid that the more I use, the more you will lose yourself. "old voice grunted heavily, the endless turmoil resounded in the emptiness, a moment between clouds have rolled swing open, I only left an enormous golden door before the door, standing four huge giant bird head shining armor personal handheld sword, like a tiger. "Well, you got me The benefits do not recognize, really a villain capricious, Four Diamond, give me tear up this shameless guy. "the giant doors before four giant birds head shining armor suddenly crashing swear, huge sound of the the sky shocks of whom flashed.
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