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Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Uses GreenPower

Posted Feb 03 2009 12:07pm

by Vic Shayne, PhD

My trainers in jiu jitsu, Gracie school, Eliot Marshall and Finnie McMahon, use NutriPlex Formulas' GreenPower and so do I.

I began studying and practicing martial arts when I was 20 years old and in college.  There were four black belts in Tae Kwon Do who started teaching their art in the basement of the old gym building at the University of Florida. With encouragement from my closest friend, a judo brown belt, we started taking classes together. That was the begining of my lifetime practice of martial arts. Since that time in 1978, I received my third degree black belt certification from 8th degree master Ji Young Song in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and have also studied judo and Chinese systems.  Then, several years ago, I discovered Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

When I first set foot in Amal Easton’s jiu jitsu school in Boulder, Colorado , I realized all my years of martial arts would not work against this unique and daunting practice  that was brought to the United States by Rorion Gracie, son of Brazilian national sports hero Helio and brother of Royce who won the first Ulitimate Fighting championships against all comers, as well as brother of Rickson who fought more than 400 fights without ever losing. The photo below is of Rorion Gracie locking yours truly in the Gracie’s patented chokehold when we spent some time together in Carlson, California

Although I was approaching my 50s when I first started training in jiu jitsu, I had been used to intense workouts. But unless you’ve been a wrestler, you can’t imagine what this is like. Conditioning is superb with this sport and the men and women and kids who do it regularly are in incredible cardiovascular shape.

Vic Shayne and Rorion Gracie

Having been involved in Nutrition for many years, I quickly realized that  this kind of tremendous expenditure of energy leads to the need for certain nutrients.

I found that the best source of nutrients for my training was NutriPlex Formulas’  GreenPower.  Why? Because almost all other supplements and sports powders contain parts of foods and a whole bunch of isolated, synthetic ingredients, in particular, fractionated amino acids and even sugars. GreenPower, on the other hand, is all food.  That’s all it is, real, natural, organic foods that contain:

  • electrolytes
  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • carotenoids
  • flavonoids
  • fiber
  • chlorophyll
  • amino acids
  • essential fatty acids
  • synergistic plant nutrients

NutriPlex Formulas GreenPower

The foods in  GreenPower  aren’t just for jiu jitsu artists.  They benefit anyone involved in sports performance, from cyclists to tennis players and from weight lifters to runners.

The nutrients in  GreenPower  are for:  performance, endurance, recovery from injury (especially combined with  ProMin Complex ) and support of glands, internal organs, skin, respiration, digestion and musculoskeletal health.

Nowadays my teacher is half my age and is a heavily medalled, winning ultimate fighter who is also twice my size and strength. Pictured is Eliot “Fire” Marshall holding a bottle of  GreenPower  after one of my training sessions. Eliot never broke a sweat, but what you can’t see is me lying on the floor trying to catch my breath and wonder what on earth I’m doing this for at the ripe old age of 51!

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