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Master Instructor, Tracy Lee Thomas Changes Lives in Local Community With Martial Arts

Posted Sep 09 2010 6:15pm
Master Instructor, Tracy Lee Thomas Changes Lives In Local Community With Martial Arts. Martial Arts Informational  There is an alarming rate in the number of children visiting Doctors offices and being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD ( Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ). Many of them receiving prescriptions for various medications in attempt to alter or control behavioral issues. Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts is a Martial Arts training facility inChesapeake and Virginia Beach training students in Karate, Taekwondo a Mixed Martial Arts.Children in martial arts excel with great improvements as testimonials and reviews show us. Changing Lives Martial Arts Master Instructor, Senior Master Tracy Lee Thomas and his Changing Lives Team of Instructors believe in the results they have seen over the years with students training in the Martial Arts and their accomplishments. Serving the Greater Hampton Roads area since 1991, Changing Lives Martial Arts is a TOP TEN Martial Arts training facility.  1. Change a Life:Enroll your child in a Chesapeake ATA Martial Arts Academy that teaches strong life skills and character developmental skills.2. Top Fuel for Chesapeake students:provide and maintain balanced meals and diet to fuel a young and active child.3. Know your child: what are his/her attributes and qualities4. Allergies:Remove annoying allergens from the diet5. Physical movement: find time to stay active and know how much time is needed to burn off that energy. ATA Nationally Certified Changing Lives Martial Arts Chief      Instructor Mr. Lathe Craft 3rd Degree Black Belt one of the highest ranking students of Senior Master Thomas states Chesapeake Students obtain physical fitness and self control through their   Chesapeake Martial Arts training.6. Down Time:Limit television and video games7. Music:Utilize background music to calm –have them learn to play and instrument8. Education:Provide strong mental and physical education programs that utilize techniques that work for your child.9. Timing:when is your child best “learning time” ?10. Role Models:provide strong “Role Models” for your child. Parents of Chesapeake Martial Arts students enjoy having their children look up to their Instructors as role models and for guidance.11. Excessive Energy:channel energy in the right direction, find that “special” physical activity their good at and no bench sitting12. Goals:focus on short term goals and activities to keep your child focused13. Perception:does your child perceive that his/her parents hold a positive image of him/her ? This is an important one. Do they feel, “I can’t ever do this right”, or “I can never please them”.14. Tasks-Routines-Learning: Utilize the visual aspect of learning with a “Hands On” approach.   Let them “See & Touch” while learning. Simple flow charts, diagrams that they help create will help them stay on task. Utilize “incidental learning techniques”.15. Leader:Yes !   Your child can be a leader. Let your child lead another younger child and feel important.   This is done many times in an ATA Martial Arts School to positively correct a behavioral concern.16. Communication:utilize effective communication. This means we want to find what “clicks” for our children when communicating. Raising ones voice, yelling, screaming will cause a child to shut down and become a non-listener.17. Therapy:There are many types of therapy, research all your avenues.   Remember, it’s alright to ask for help.18. Family Time:family time is important, knowing one has support in a caring and loving environment. Spend quality time with your child, pick a day each week that is family day. Let your child assist in the decision making process as to what the family will do on family day.Chesapeake and Virginia Beach Martial Arts training students in Karate, Taekwondo a Mixed Martial Arts.19. Family Martial Arts:Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, Virginia believe in utilizing “Positive Life Skills” and “Positive Character Developmental Skills” that assist parents and their children on strengthening their abilities in all aspects of their lives. Senior Master Thomas states: “ATA Martial Arts Instructors aren’t Doctors, but we truly believe and have seen time and time again that children and adults can reduce and in many cases, no longer need the medication prescribed for ADD/ADHD. It’s about trying multiple options and there are many out there”.  www.atakick.com20. Parent Education:Parents, please study hard and research the various options for your children. Ask your Instructor if there is something more they can do to help. Many times there is a small positive reward that can be announced in class for a positive action or accomplishment. Please remember, you aren’t in this alone and there are numerous amount of people that can help. Many styles of mixed martial arts such as ; Kung Fu, Karate, MMA Fighter style training that is safe and fun (as seen on Mixed Martial Arts Fighting, Cage Training and MMA Video’s ) , Kick Boxing, Self Defense, Fighting Styles, and Krav Maga, have been incorporated into the ATA’s program by Grand Master Soon Ho Lee’s Taekwondo. Grand Master is a Champion Taekwondo Martial Arts Master in America and is recognized as a U.S. Taekwondo leader. Martial Arts Movies have shown the various Martial Arts techniques that ATA Utilizes in classes in Virginia Beach. While the Traditional Taekwondo programs utilize a Taekwondo style uniform while Krav Maga utilizes a line of Mixed Martial Arts Fight Wear, MMA Apparel and MMA clothing for the student uniforms.  Changing Lives Chesapeake Martial Arts Instructors are changing lives!Martial Arts makes a difference with ADD/ADHD 1. Increased FOCUS abilities2. Increased Positive SELF ESTEEM3. Enhanced SELF DISCIPLINE4. Improved CONFIDENCE5. Better  LISTENING SKILLS6. Increased PHYSCIAL FITNESS & COORDINATION7. Stronger SELF CONTROL8. Better COMMUNICATION SKILLS9.    BETTER GRADES in school 10.   Greater SOCIAL BEHAVIOR You can find more information and Chesapeake and Virginia Beach martial arts reviews at:  Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts757-471-9002                     Martial Arts Academies VIRGINIA BEACH KARATE SCHOOLS23450   KARATE Virginia Beach        VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.844 -76.09323451   KARATE Virginia Beach        VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.864 -76.01223452   KARATE Virginia Beach       VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.839 -76.09123453   KARATE Virginia Beach        VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.774 -76.07623454   KARATE Virginia Beach        VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.838 -76.02623455   KARATE Virginia Beach        VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.888 -76.14523456   KARATE Virginia Beach        VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.776 -76.07623457   KARATE Virginia Beach        VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.619 -76.05823458   KARATE Virginia Beach        VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.853 -75.97623459   KARATE Virginia Beach        VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.923 -76.01123460   KARATE Virginia Beach        VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.814 -76.02623461   KARATE Virginia Beach        VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.802 -76.00923462   KARATE Virginia Beach        VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.840 -76.15123463   KARATE Virginia Beach        VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.802 -76.17623464   KARATE Virginia Beach        VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.798 -76.17823465   KARATE Virginia Beach        VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.798 -76.17623466   KARATE Virginia Beach        VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.838 -76.15323467   KARATE Virginia Beach        VA       757       Virginia Beach City     36.802 -76.174 NORFOLK KARATE SCHOOLS23501KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.899 -76.20623502KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.853 -76.21323503KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.946 -76.25323504KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.860 -76.26623505KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.911 -76.28523506KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.857 -76.21223507KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.864 -76.30023508KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.888 -76.30023509KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.881 -76.26423510KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.851 -76.29123511KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.943 -76.30723512KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.922 -76.31823513KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.888 -76.23823514KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.852 -76.29223515KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.916 -76.30423517KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.867 -76.29023518KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.916 -76.22123519KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.923 -76.18823520KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.846 -76.28523521KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.917 -76.15523523KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.831 -76.27023529KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.885 -76.31123541KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.858 -76.21123551KARATENorfolk VA 757 Norfolk City 36.848 -76.289 CHESAPEAKE KARATE SCHOOLS 23320KARATEChesapeake VA 757 Chesapeake City 36.734 -76.239 23321KARATEChesapeake VA 757 Chesapeake City 36.798 -76.425 23322KARATEChesapeake VA 757 Chesapeake City 36.580 -76.30823323KARATEChesapeake VA 757 Chesapeake City 36.759 -76.34123324KARATEChesapeake VA 757 Chesapeake City 36.800 -76.26723325KARATEChesapeake VA 757 Chesapeake City 36.813 -76.23823326 KARATE Chesapeake VA 757 Chesapeake City 36.764 -76.25223327 KARATE Chesapeake VA 757 Chesapeake City 36.739 -76.23023328 KARATE Chesapeake VA 757 Chesapeake City 36.732 -76.230 Virginia Beach  Karate Schools serve these area’s in Virginia AcredaleKARATE Virginia BeachChesapeake BeachKARATE,Virginia BeachBrigadoonKARATE,Virginia BeachGreat NeckKARATE,Virginia BeachKings GrantKARATE,Virginia BeachAlantonKARATE,Virginia BeachGreen RunKARATE,Virginia BeachBuckner FarmsKARATE,Virginia BeachBaysideKARATE,Virginia BeachBlackwaterKARATE,Virginia BeachBrighton on the BayKARATE,Virginia BeachCollege ParkKARATE,Virginia BeachGlenwoodKARATE,Virginia BeachCroatan BeachKARATE,Virginia BeachChurch PointKARATE,Virginia BeachGreenwichKARATE,Virginia BeachThe North EndKARATE,Virginia BeachKempsvilleKARATE,Virginia BeachLandstownKARATE,Virginia BeachLondon BridgeKARATE,Virginia Beach  LynnhavenKARATE,Virginia BeachLittle NeckKARATE,Virginia BeachMiddle PlantationKARATE,Virginia BeachMundenKARATE,Virginia BeachOceanaKARATE,Virginia BeachOcean LakesKARATE,Virginia BeachOcean ParkKARATE,Virginia BeachPembroke ManorKARATE,Virginia BeachPembroke MeadowsKARATE,Virginia BeachPembrokeKARATE,Virginia Beach  Indian LakesKARATE,Virginia BeachPembroke ShoresKARATE,Virginia BeachHilltopKARATE,Virginia BeachPine MeadowsKARATE,Virginia BeachPrincess AnneKARATE,Virginia BeachPungoKARATE,Virginia BeachIndian River PlantationKARATE,Virginia BeachShore DriveKARATE,Virginia BeachSalem KARATE,Virginia BeachSandbridgeKARATE,Virginia Beach  SeatackKARATE,Virginia BeachShadowlawnKARATE,Virginia BeachThaliaKARATE,Virginia BeachThalia ShoresKARATE,Virginia BeachThoroughgoodKARATE,Virginia BeachWitchduck PointKARATE,Virginia BeachBaysideKARATE,Virginia BeachBlackwaterKARATE,Virginia BeachKempsvilleKARATE,Virginia BeachLynnhavenKARATE,Virginia BeachPrincess AnneKARATE,Virginia BeachPungoKARATE,Virginia BeachVictoria ParkKARATE,Virginia BeachCourthouseKARATE,Virginia BeachBay Hill KARATE,Virginia BeachSandbridgeKARATE, Virginia BeachCourthouse Estates KARATE, Virginia BeachVA Beach KARATE, Virginia BeachVirginia Beach KARATE, Virginia BeachVirginia Bch KARATE, Virginia BeachVirginia KARATE, Virginia             
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