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Martial Arts Uniform Care and Instruction Virginia Beach CLMA Champion Taekwondo School

Posted Aug 07 2010 9:15am 1 Comment
Tracy Lee Thomas Virginia Beach Champion Taekowndo Chesapeake martial arts How to Take Care of a Martial Arts Uniform and your personal victory belt (thee) Senior Master Tracy Lee Thomas-7th degreeVirginia Beach Taekwondo and Mixed Martial ArtsUniform’s  is most clearly associated symbol with the art.   The traditional white Martial Arts Taekwondo do-bok or Japanese gi was first seen many years ago on students in the east. No Martial Arts class would be complete without students wearing the uniform. Of course, these white uniforms can lose their quality look if not properly maintained. That means you need to take a few extra steps to make sure the uniform remains neat and clean. Here are a few tips on how to do this:How To Take Care Of A  Martial ArtsUniform?First, as a loyal student to the art, you really need to make sure the  Martial Artsuniformis maintained when you are not wearing it. Martial Arts students around the world from all branches of the art such as; mixed martial arts, taekwondo, karate, kun-fu, and karate (as seen in the Karate Kid Movie) show great respect to their martial arts uniform while out of uniform.   Hanging the uniform in a closet with your belt properly placed is the best way to manage the wrinkles and any such mis-fortunes that may occur to it while thrown on a couch or in a chair.How To Wash a  Martial ArtsUniform?Changing Lives Martial Arts in Virginia Beach, a top chain of martial arts schools located in Virginia Beach, Suffolk, and Chesapeake, Virginia recommend washing the uniform after each martial arts training class. “Many Students have 2-3 uniforms, two uniforms for training and one for Martial Arts tournaments and testing” states; Sr. Master Tracy Lee Thomas a local resident of Virginia Beach and a 7 th degree black belt in the American Taekwondo Association. Washing the uniform on the regular setting with a good detergent works best.   Bleach will eventually fade the uniform patches and school lettering.How to Care for Heavy Weight  Martial ArtsUniform?It is necessary to purchase a uniform that is a little larger than your usual size when purchasing a heavy weight instructor or competition uniform. Again, you need to be wary of the shrinking of the uniform as it will shrink if it is 100% cotton.If the Martial Arts uniform does suffer a rip or a tear, simple sewing and stitching can often fix the problem. Just be sure any add-ons such as patches and lettering are in compliance with the rules of the training hall of discipline.Your belt is also part of your uniform and it is common tradition to never wash a belt. Some dojos may have different rules regarding this. However, if you do wash a colored belt, do not use a detergent that would wash out or dull the color of the belt. With history in the martial arts the belt is to be worn through the course of time in that specific rank showing that your training is efficient and well worn.It really is not all that tough to take care of a  Martial Artsuniform. If in doubt, ask your instructor or martial arts academy for a uniform care and patch placement chart.Many martial art schools have a wide selection of training uniforms for students training in the “ART” of martial arts.   Light weight uniforms are for beginners looking to see if they have a true interest in the studies and disciplines of martial arts. Heavy Weight martial art uniforms are for the serious student who want to measure the amount of snap and torque, as the uniform is a great indicator of this when practicing a poom-se, kata, of a martial arts form. A nationally recognized school of martial arts in (Changing Lives Martial Arts) Virginia Beach once said, “Uniforms are a symbol, of who we are and the style we study. Although its just a uniform to some, once we as martial artist place the uniform on for the first time it’s a life changing experience” says; Martial Arts master instructor, Tracy Lee Thomas.
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