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KRAV MAGA Virginia Beach Only Certfied Krav Maga School In Hampton Roads

Posted Aug 07 2010 10:27am
Reality Based Elbow Striking


certfied krav maga school virginia beach

Krav Maga Instructor: Tracy Lee Thomas

Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, Virginia

 Elbow strikes are dynamic in nature, they are strong fast and a great defense tool in street defense, combative situations, or in the ring. The point of the elbow isn’t just hard on impact, it has the ability to cut like an edged weapon when delivered appropriately. Both Krav Maga and KFM use it for many of its close quarter defensive and offensive strikes, often catching your opponent before they knew what hit them.While some traditional styles of martial arts such as Taekwondo, Karate, Kung -fu often teach a small range of elbow strikes, Krav Maga includes one of the largest numbers of dynamic combative elbow strikes in their training. Please see the list below for a good set of elbow strikes:
  1. Forward upward vertical strike to the chin.
  2.   Downward vertical elbow.
  3. The horizontal forward elbow strike.
  4. Forward downward angled elbow.
  5. Horizontal elbow to the side.
  6. Horizontal backwards elbow.
  7. Backward vertical upward elbow.
  8. Backward vertical elbow strike.
  9. Step spinning horizontal reverse elbow.
There is also a large selection of various elbow strikes that can be utilized while on the ground utilizing the nine elbows from above. Something else to keep in mind is that elbows are also used as a form of blocking in many martial arts styles in a very effective manner.Many people in the Virginia Beach and Chesapeake area ask how effective can an elbow strike be as the range of motion is so short?   First, one must condition themselves by repetitive training for complete muscle memory. You should not have to think about it, a natural reaction will occur after you have trained your body over and over on the elbow strikes. “The elbow strike isn’t always about the elbow, it’s about training the body, head and torso to move in unison with the dynamic elbow strike for the greatest impact on your target” quotes; Tracy Lee Thomas of Krav Maga Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.Everyone has seen karate movies where they state; “bag/board no hit back”, although this is a true statement striking an object that gives resistance and possibly an equal or greater force allows an individual training to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the impact from the elbow. Striking the air repetitively may cause injury from over swinging or hyper extending.There is nothing like having a heavy bag to hit at home or a partner with targets in a Krav Maga class. Partners can help take your training to the next level as they can move and be unpredictable (unlike a heavy bag) which in turn will be enhancing your situational awareness.Reality based trainingis based upon learning to naturally react to any given situation, many of which will be very unpredictable with all the variables in a life threatening scenario where self defense is needed to save a life.Tracy Lee Thomasstates; “no games training is a must when practicing the elbow strikes, one must be very serious as this is such an effective way to strike multiple times without worries of breaking a hand. A smaller individual hitting a larger individual with a fist does risk a chance of damaging the hand and not continuing the defensive attacks needed to save a life. Elbows are dynamic and deadly in confrontation”.Both Virginia Beach Krav Maga and Chesapeake Krav Maga academies allow each of their community members to attend free 3 day awareness and defense class.

Krav Maga Training Facility

Krav Maga master instructor Tracy Lee Thomas virginia
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