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Knife reality check - Should you carry a knife for personal protection?

Posted Oct 24 2010 4:22pm

The Bayonne Knife For Life Group says YES!

The utilization of a knife to defend against assault and harm is practical and reasonable, as long as the trained individual carrying the knife understands that once pulled out for use it becomes either a deterrent to the attacker long enough for us seize the opportunity to escape; or a tool to increase our chances of surviving an assault situation. THERE ARE NO KNIFE FIGHTS in the civilian world - It's an ASSAULT, QUICK and BRUTAL!

Make no mistake, it's a NO WIN SITUATION for all involved.

Those of us that teach practical self defense applications utilizing the knife, understand this and stress to our clients that our non weapon bearing limbs, our demeanor, our voices, etc., must be used in conjunction with any self defense situation involving edge weapons.

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