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Karate Birthday Parties For Children â?? A New Trend!

Posted Oct 09 2009 11:50am

Watching programs like Power Rangers, Naruto, Avatar, Dragon Ball Z and other cartoon or action movie characters kick and punch their way out of trouble has made karate "cool" in today’s kids’ eyes. It also explains why Martial Arts has become a popular birthday party theme throughout the community.

The question arises as to just what is a Karate Birthday Party?   It is more than just a party with pizza and cake.   It adds an additional flair to a child’s birthday party – participation.    What better way to engage the wonderful and creative mind of a child than through participation.   No longer will children just sit around to have cake and ice cream, at a Karate Birthday Party, all children get to have fun and play.  

The theme, of course, is Martial Arts.   Karate Birthday Parties are filled with fun and action, safe and meaningful Martial Arts activities, offering positive re-enforcement in every skill and drill that the children participate in.   Children are not known to stand around looking bored, but are excited about participating in the many Martial Arts activities offered (activities will vary depending on the studio).

Most Karate Birthday Parties are scheduled on Saturdays (due to studio classes during the week) and last anywhere from 1 ½ to 2 hours and offer a special gift for the Birthday Child.   During this time, children have fun playing Martial Arts games and learning safe, basic karate skills while being introduced to life skills such as self-discipline, focus and respect.Time is usually set aside for opening of presents and the presentation of the birthday cake.   Some studios may provide pizza and soft drinks depending on the type of Birthday Package chosen by the parents.   Many studios offer a variety of birthday packages depending on the size of the party (count of children expected to attend) and length of party.   The studio will usually let the parents the do’s and don’ts for the party (i.e., no cups, juice boxes only, to avoid spillage, etc.).Most studios require 2-3 week advance reservation of the party as well as advance payment of the booking.   It may be necessary for you to sign a birthday party agreement as well as a waiver for the event.All in all, Karate Birthday Parties are a good way of changing the pace and offering something different to your child and his/her party guest.   Parents who have previously booked Karate Birthday Parties have discovered the value of having access to a location that holds 20+ children (usually not so easily done at home or in the backyard) as well as not having to worry about hiring a clown, magician or inflatable bouncers (which gets quite costly if you want to keep everyone entertained).For most parents it is well worth the time and effort to browse the web and find out just what's offered in their area (some even offer discount coupons).   After all, we all want our child's Birthday Party to be as memorable as possible.

For more information on how to register your child's Karate Birthday Party in San Antonio visit

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