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Interested in Karate?

Posted by Eric H.

If you've come to this area of the site, then chances are that you have some interest in joining a marital art. Training in a martial art can be a lifelong endeavor that can improve discipline, focus, and overall mental and physical health. You will also pick up useful techniques to defend yourself should you ever end up in a dangerous situation.

So which martial art should you join? That's a good question and not one to be taken lightly. Each art has its own style and way of doing things and each person has his or her own idea of what they want out of the training experience. The best way to decide is to come to a training session, watch, or even participate! Chances are you'll find something that clicks.

It's with that philosophy in mind that JKA Shotokan invites newcomers to come and try us out for a generous trial period. Anyone is welcome, beginner or expert, to come to our training sessions. In fact, we encourage it.

If you do decide to come and check us out, we ask that you please wear gym-appropriate attire if you plan on participating. You should wear something that you feel comfortable making a wide range of movements in.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through this site.

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Stretching before and after a session or class is so important in martial arts. Don't you agree?
Yes, of course! We actually integrate a pre-workout stretch into the beginning of each class, hence the reason I didn't mention it here. We actually probably spend several minutes warming up.
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