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getting pumped up from watching movies?

Posted by shawnab

I know it's not a real martial art, but I recently lost 12 pounds in 7 weeks doing cardio kickboxing, which I just started for the first time 7 weeks ago. The only drawback is that I'm getting aches like sore knee ligaments, rotater cuff etc. Makes it hard to stay motivated when you're hurting alot.

So I thought I'd look for some celluloid motivation and rented some movies last night that the clerk told me were about female boxers, and it worked pretty well! for the first time in weeks I can't wait to go to the gym and start hitting that bag.  hope this helps you too, or let me know if you have others that work for you that you'd recommend.

-Fight Night: Saw that this just came out on DVD this week, and it's about a female prizefighter. The lead actress is small, lean and tough. Actually a really good movie.  Here's a short trailer you can peek at for some motivation:

-Girl Fight: Another boxing movie with a female lead Michele Rodriguez, she's also so lean and tough, and I like to pretend I'm that tough :)

-Gina Carano (not movies, but a real fighter): watched some of her fights on youtube, and she is really fun to watch.   



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For your aches and pains take potassium and magnesium -- it works wonders.  Also daily Epsom salt baths help keep the soreness to a minimum.  If I can be of further service, please let me know.

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