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Getting back into the swing of things

Posted by Chris C.

A few years back, I was studying penjak silat, an indonesian martial art form. I was fortunate enough to have really great teachers and a lot of folks to train with. Since I had moved out to the Bay, I hadn't found anyone who studied my style, and also just got caught up in life. Part of my goal is to get back into it, and get better than I ever was before. The hardest part is getting training partners to work with. When your martial art isn't a "fad" or well known style, it's tough to attract training partners. The reality of modern martial arts is that it very often is a sales job- offering health, super skills in a few months, or enlightenment. Luckily for me, video sites like Youtube have started having more and more demonstration and training videos available so I can actually catch up on and see some techniques I've never seen before. It's alway good to have inspiration and to see folks with good movement, to have a role model to aim for.

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