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Fun, fun, fun class today!

Posted Jun 18 2009 12:11am
Tonight was a good class. We have a lot of guys competing on Saturday, so the warmup was relatively light.

We worked two techniques tonight around butterfly guard. Two passes and some general advice for avoiding getting swept.

The first technique was a pass that hinges on being able to get one arm inside. If my opponent has one underhook on my left side, I get my head into his shoulder on that side and with my right hand control his right leg either at the knee or ankle... wherever I can. Then I drive to that side while stepping out and over with my right leg. I'll use my control of his leg to keep him from hooking me. I should then be able to turn into side control.

The second technique was another butterfly guard pass. In this case, my opponent has secured two underhooks and he's up tight, making life very difficult for me. First, I'll drive my arms straight down to the ground inside his knees. Then I push back to break his grip (if he's got one behind my back with his underhooks). Then pull my legs back, bring my knees together and then slide my knees right back between his legs into his open guard. At this point, I'm in very good shape to pull him up and in while clasping my hands together and passing into side control.

Some details he pointed out. If the grip is strong with the underhooks and I can't break it I can exert a lot of pressure on my opponent's arms by crossing my arms. This will encourage my opponent to break his grip and give me room to drive my hands to the ground, or even swim them inside.

Sparring was good. I have to keep working on my hip escapes from mount... but that's not going to change for a while.
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